I have been teaching privately for nearly 20 years, and I have coached student groups for more than 10 years.  Currently, I maintain a private studio of both piano and oboe students here in the Denver area.  I also teach group oboe lessons at the Denver School of  the Arts, and coach student chamber music groups there as well.  Additionally, I teach piano through the Strings Attached program of Englewood Arts.  For the past four summers, I have also led multiple classrooms of elementary school children in composing their own music through the Denver Summer Scholars program. 

I teach all of my students to read music, as this is the language of the craft.  I hold studio recitals, as performing in front of others builds character and confidence in all walks of life.   I have performed professionally for decades, and continue to do so.  This gives me an insight into the challenges students face during performing, especially stage fright.  We work on that challenge during lessons as well.

I use a variety of method books, as well as one I put together myself.  While I mostly teach classical repertoire, suggestions and requests are always welcome.  One of my younger students is working on a song by Imagine Dragons, which she chose.

I encourage everyone in my studio, as well as their families, to attend live music concerts.  Often, students will be inspired to work harder on their own music after seeing someone else play.

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