IMG_3794I highly recommend Miriam Kapner as a great piano teacher. Miriam communicates her vast knowledge in a way that is easy for beginning players to understand. Miriam provides a strong foundation for beginning piano students and builds on that foundation as the lessons go on. My daughter began lessons with Miriam last year and she loves it! Miriam’s passion for teaching shows throughout each lesson and the small class size is perfect for beginning students. Miriam holds her students accountable ensuring that the students are completing their assignments in between lessons and has a knack for keeping the students excited and engaged. The students are eager to display the progress they have made every week. As a father, I can’t help but smile when I hear my daughter play and Miriam is the driving force behind it.

-Aaron, parent of a piano student

Miriam has been teaching piano to our children for almost 3 years. They began piano with her at the ages of 3,4 and 5. Miriam is a very patient and kind teacher who is able to challenge the children while still making the experience fun. Our children love “Miss Miriam” and we highly recommend her to anyone.

-Lisa, parent of three piano students

“Miriam is a very dedicated teacher.  She is always prepared and good at explaining music in depth to her students.  She also values personal relationships with students while keeping a professional environment for learning.  I highly recommend her to any oboist that is looking to strengthen and stretch their musical skills.”

-Olivia, oboe student

“I’m a five sport kid so Coach Miriam uses sports to help me learn how to play the piano. Now I’m an academic, sport, AND music kid, thanks to Miriam!”

Mason, piano student

As a nine year graduate of the Robert Pace Method for Piano, I understand the challenges one can experience while learning to play the piano. I started at age 6 and wanted a well qualified teacher for my 12 year old son. Miriam’s extensive experience and educational background impressed me but it is her style and approach that I have come to appreciate the most about her. My son and I liken her to a “coach” more than a ‘piano teacher’. A teacher gives you information, a coach inspires you to maximize your own potential. My son and I are grateful to have found her.

Ami, parent of a piano student

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